Why to choose hair transplant clinic vadodara for your hair transplantation?


Hairtransplant vadodara is the renowned hair transplantation clinic in Vadodara, Gujarat. Dr. Gunjan Patel personally takes care of every single hair grafting procedure. Throughout the session always a surgeon attains the patient.

Apex clinic offer the quality assurance with cheapest price. Therefore, we are available to clients of all walks of the society.

Well trained persons work in the Hair implant team and make the result successful and unparalleled.

Numbers of transplanted hair follicles are always more than the number of assured hair follicles.

Well, according to me, the success or failure of the hair transplant depends on you! If you go to Hairtransplant vadodara well-established clinic having a team of experienced hair transplant surgeons, advanced tools, and medically-trained staff, you will not just get a successful hair transplant, but also world- class services along with a lot of knowledge about the treatment and much more!

But, if you go to any clinic just like that, the doctors might not be able to determine the real cause of your hair loss and thus, provide you right option. They might pressurize you to go for a hair transplant, even when your hair loss can be treated by PRP therapy only. They would demand a lot of money, do not pay much attention towards your comfort and much worse than this.

So, I would suggest: Read more, learn more about the treatments & then decide about getting a hair transplant and that also by choosing the clinic wisely! Good Luck!

Are hair transplants reliable?

The answer is yes, hair transplant is a successful procedure for regaining your hair back. It has been observed worldwide that more than 85 % of hair grafts which is planted are successful. The current generation is often affecting by hair loss issues and thus inquire about Hair transplant surgeries. Especially in Vadodara, which is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, the demand for hair transplant in Gujarat is on rise. The issues like stress for people working in industry deepen the cause of hair loss.

Is fue hair transplant worth?

The answer is again yes, Hairtransplant vadodara clinic use trendy FUE technique. Follicular Unit Extraction method is the latest method of all in which follicles are extracted from back of scalp, body and different hairy parts under local anaesthesia with the help of micro punch of 0.5 – 1.20 mm in diameter and transplanted over bald areas. FUE is mainly advocated in small bald area or where scalp hair is less with plenty of body hair. Primary disadvantage of FUE is it more damaging to the donor hair while harvesting in comparison to FUT.


FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Here is a more in depth look at how an FUE procedure is done:

The donor site and the recipient sites are demarcated beforehand. In case the donor site on the scalp will not yield sufficient grafts, other parts of the body, such as beard, chest and legs can also be looked at.

The hair follicles or grafts are then extracted one by one from the donor site.

The hair follicles or grafts will then be implanted almost immediately into the recipient site.

The procedure is minimally invasive and leaves behind no scars, especially when done by an expert. In addition, the healing time is minimal and people are able to return to their normal lives in no time.


Advantages of FUE

  • No Scar techniques
  • Single donor area can be used multiple times
  • More patients satisfaction
  • In Fashion technique
  • Body hair can also be used.

 The success of a hair transplant is frequently judged by the appearance of the patient’s hair after the transplant has fully grown which normally takes a year. The success of the procedure is best judged by the patient as trying to meet the patient’s expectations is the primary objective of the surgeon. In the consultation process, when the patient first attends the doctor, they frequently ask how successful this procedure is and our response is that this depends on what the patient’s objectives are and the quality of the donor hair. The key to a successful hair transplant procedure is twofold. First is the number of hair follicles available for transplant and the viability of those hair follicles. The second is down to the skill and experience of the surgeon and how and where the hair grafts are placed. But there is certain limitation of hair transplant also and there is certain case when your hair transplant result will be not as per your expectation. Although we are describing some of the limitations, but if you want to know detailed information about hair transplant and its limitations, you should consult with at Apex Clinic Vadodara, Gujarat.


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