Infertility treatments at Ami hospital Vadodara

Ami Hospital Vadodara offers a verity of infertility treatments including less invasive  and natural cycle options as well as IVF, egg and sperm donation options.

Each treatment option is suited for a specific patient group; therefore, it is of vital importance to first make an assessment of your unique fertility needs before proceeding with treatment. Your fertility assessment can be made in a number of steps.

The first step is the initial testing process as outlined in our “Infertility Testing and Interpretation of Test Results” section.

Choosing the Right Treatment- we talk about treatment options that might be suitable for different patient groups based on their ages, fertility assessment, previous obstetric history and possibly previous history of failed infertility treatments. Please read this section first before looking into the treatment options.

As much as treatment, your lifestyle also has a very large impact on the outcome of your treatment, therefore, it will be important to make a few sacrifices and commit to a healthier lifestyle in order to “Boost your Fertility”.

It is most certainly okay to not know which treatment type is better suited for your needs. That is where we come into the picture. Infertility treatment is a financial as well as an emotional investment. If you are not thoroughly assessed and consulted, then your treatment decision may be misguided and may not yield desired results. In order to maximize your chances of success with fertility treatments, it is very important to carry out the necessary tests and diagnoses so that an effective assessment can be made and that your treatment is customized for your specific needs.

From time to time, we receive patient inquiries saying that they have undergone Infertility treatment a number of times but they all failed. Sometimes we may not be able to explain why treatments fail, but if each and every treatment was carried out the same way without any further investigation and any adjustments to the treatment protocol, then it is likely that the clinic did not have your best interest in mind. Now Ami hospital offering treatment, it may be difficult to pick the best one. However, rule of thumb is, do not go to any clinic that is willing to take you on board without a thorough investigation of your needs. it is a very personal treatment and a single prescription is not going to fit all.

On the bottom, you will see the treatment options offered by Ami Hospital Vadodara. If there is anything that may not be clear or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. Although we would love to get back to you within minutes of your request, we take every request very seriously and make sure that our doctors review your request before Treatment coordinators communicate with you. A medically correct response is much better than a quick but empty response.

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