Maternity care hospital in Vadodara

Now that you’re pregnant, looking after yourself and your unborn baby is a number one priority. There are decisions to be made and many questions to ask, but how do you find the answers that are right for you?  To get you off to the right start Ami Hospital Vadodara has put together helpful information on pregnancy care and the choices available to you to ensure that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Each pregnancy is unique and you have the right to be involved in all decisions affecting you and your baby. A good relationship with your maternity care provider Ami Hospital Vadodara can make a big difference in planning your pregnancy care.

Midwifery Care has Better Outcomes for Mothers and Babies

Preventing Postpartum Haemorrhage with Prenatal Care

Pregnancy Choices – Who do you see?

Getting pregnant was the easy part – now what? Who do you see? Where do you go for your care? How do you find out what is available out there and most important of all, what is the best form of care for you.

Choosing a  best practitioner for maternity care

Ami Hospital Vadodara is your right option for child birth.



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