Hair transplant specialist Vadodara

Why Dr. Gunjan Patel?

Dr. Gunjan is dedicated to giving each patient the highest quality care. He educates each patient on the latest technologies and remedies for hair loss. He understands how important a person’s hair can be to their well-being and conducts every consultation as a medical examination not a sales pitch. He will not recommend a hair transplant surgery unless he feels the patient will have a great result and will prescribe another remedy if he thinks surgery can be avoided. His one surgery a day philosophy enables him to give the attention that is needed to make each patient feel comfortable. He is an expert in the F.U.E. procedure as well as the strip procedure. He is committed to treating hair loss with the respect it deserves

We know that hair loss is upsetting and we want our site to be a solid first step in taking action. We hope that you get the clear specific information needed to help you decide what to do about your hair loss treatment.

A one on one consultation is the best way to learn about your own specific hair loss, but we hope that our site gives the general information to educate those seeking help. We have found that patients who are well informed are usually happier. We offer information, not a sales pitch, and we are committed to giving you the best possible service. We feel that begins with our website.

In the consultation, patients receive an honest assessment from Dr. Gunjan along with clear, specific options. We understand that only the patient can decide what actions he/she wants to take. So we are committed educating, not selling. Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara, Gujarat offer information as well as empathy. We respect that experiencing hair loss can be a difficult time so we will not pressure or “hard sell.” We hope that you find our site helpful and we wish you the best in finding the remedy that suits you.

Please contact us if you have questions or to schedule your free one on one consultation. With Dr. Gunjan Patel

Call on 8000 72 3108


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