Doctor Gunjan and hair transplantation

Performing hair transplantation is quite gratifying as a surgeon because the techniques are safe and effective, and often induce improved self-confidence for patients. Dr. Gunjan’s techniques produce unvarying natural appearing results. Dr. Gunjan recalls his own experience with hair loss and the associated concerns he had at the time. Options then were limited compared with the medicinal and surgical techniques available today.

Dr. Gunjan specializes in  follicular unit Extraction, male and female pattern androgenic alopecia, and hair line advancement for women, eyebrow transplantation, facial hair transplantation, eyelash transplantation, and scar management with transplantation. Dr. Gunajn understands the cost burden often associated with hair restoration. Colinear with the core values of his practice – excellent outcomes and an excellent patient experience, with fair pricing – Dr. Gunajn Patel offers competitive pricing even for robotic and advanced FUE techniques.

Dr. Gunjan developed an interest in hair transplantation surgery because of its combination of science, surgery, and art. As much as any elective surgery of the face and neck, quality hair transplantation technique requires artistic sensibility and careful attention to detail.

Getting started with your day

Dr. Gunajn believes the best patient outcomes derive from educated patients. Thus, all hair surgical consultations are complimentary, and He spends a fair amount of time with his patients. The hair surgery schedule is a busy one, so any interested patients are advised to book well ahead of intended dates.

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