Ami Hospital Vadodara-Choices for Childbirth

Pregnant-Women The first health professional you see in your pregnancy is required to provide you with information regarding the options you have for caregivers and place of birth. Our Choices for Childbirth leaflet covers;

Your rights during pregnancy and birth

A women’s satisfaction with her birth experience is related to more to her involvement in decision-making than to the outcome. But women need the information necessary to make informed choices and decisions.

Screening during Pregnancy: You’re Choice

Ami Hospital Vadodara provides you the Your Choice series. It contains information on the screening and monitoring    procedures that are now being undertaken during pregnancy. Some of these procedures have been part of maternity care for decades despite a lack of evidence that they offer any benefits to either the mother of the baby.

Screening tests are and the benefits and risks of the following tests and screening procedures:

First blood tests (maternal serum screening)



Blood pressure monitoring

Midstream urine test

Weight checks and BMI assessments

Ultrasound scans

Screening for Down syndrome and other conditions


Polycose and Oral Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT)

Smoking Assessment

Screening for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

It is important that the midwife or doctor explains the screening tests and procedures that are offered. None of them are compulsory and you can choose whether or not to have any of these tests.


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