Dr. Gunjan Patel’s Hair Regeneration Treatment

Dr. Gunjan Patel’s Hair Regeneration Treatment

As a hair transplantation specialist, Dr. Patel recognizes the growing practice in the hair restoration industry to focus solely of short-term results. Because of this trend, other hair loss “specialists” tend to focus more on selling procedures rather than giving patients effective, long-term results. With this in mind, He developed the Hair Regeneration treatment.

Furthermore, the Hair Regeneration technology also makes a significant difference in hair transplant results. Higher yield in graft survival and thickening of thinning hair has been greatly appreciated by people familiar with hair transplantation surgery.

Those who will benefit the most from the Hair Regeneration treatment are the following:

People who are already experiencing hair loss and do not want to be placed in the position of needing a hair transplant in the future.

People who currently need a hair transplant, or have already had a hair transplant, may opt for Hair Regeneration to ensure that they will not continue to lose hair after the procedure.

People who are either too young for a hair transplant or are not viable candidates for a hair transplant.

For more information on Hair Regeneration, click here

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