Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara (Gujarat) offers a broad range of surgical hair transplant procedures and non-surgical hair loss solutions for both men and women.

Conveniently located in Vadodara, our Board Certified plastic surgeons offer the following procedures:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the No Stitch-No Linear Scar Hair Transplant

Scalp Micropigmentation, a non-surgical solution

Non-surgical hair transplantation procedures to treat or manage your hair loss.

At Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara, our hair transplant team specializes in performing MEGA Sessions up to 4,000 grafts. This gives you an excellent result in just one session and greater density.

Hair Transplantation in Vadodara, we offer a customized solution that is tailored to your hair line, degree of hair loss, and expectations. Our doctor may recommend either a surgical or non-surgical procedure or even a combination of the two techniques.

At Hair Transplant Vadodara(Gujarat), hair transplantation is not only customized but also very affordable.

We pride ourselves in providing great client care and service. The procedures are performed in a beautiful, modern cosmetic medical office equipped with surgical and consultation facilities.

At Hair Transplant Vadodara(Gujarat), we serve clients from Vadodara, Anand , Nadiad as well as Gujarat.

The first step towards a great head of hair is to schedule a complimentary consultation with our staff or one of our Board Certified plastic surgeons at our Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara.

Call Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara or Submit the Contact Form on this web site to request a consultation.

Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara is located at:

301, Shyamal Complex, B/s. Rajvee Tower, In-front of Silver Plaza, O. P. Road,

Vadodara – 390020

+91 – 8000 72 3108

+91 – 8128 99 7535


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