Hair transplant Gujarat

Considering a Hair Transplant in Gujarat?

The process of losing hair is absolutely natural. We normally lose about 50-300 hairs daily. Our hair starts to thin out when the lost hairs outnumber the regrowth of the follicles. There are multiple causes of hair loss, the most important being hereditary (genetic). This means that every hair follicle has its life course predicted from the time we are in the womb. Other causes are hormonal, stress, scarring after scalp trauma, bad nutrition and medications etc.

Hair transplant Vadodara

Do you remember the “pluggy” hair transplants of the past?

Nowadays, we don’t see today’s state of the art hair transplants because they go unnoticed.

Hair transplant Gujarat – Hair Transplant Techniques

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

If you have previously had FUT (strip treatment) and as a result your donor is now impaired, then Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) could well be a good option. This is because FUE allows the removal of hair in locations that strip treatment does not. Because of this it is also a good technique for those whose hair loss is characterized by only minimal thinning. The procedure involved in FUE is little groups of about 1 to 4 hairs being removed from your head very slowly and precisely. Because of the precision required to extract the hairs you will usually have to have your head fully shaved to undergo this treatment. However, because it is so slow and precise it is unlikely that tour treatment will cause you any scarring.

Hair transplant Vadodara – Micro FUE – Follicular Evolution – from big grafts to micro grafts to ultra refined grafts

Today ’s micro surgical blades, like the size of hair grafts, have become ever smaller and now enable hair transplant surgeons to safely make more tiny graft incisions in a given area than ever before. Surgeons are then able to “dense pack” select areas with as many as 40 to 60 follicular unit grafts per square centimeter. This graft density is as much as twice that of the standard follicular unit hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant Vadodara – Scalp Reduction

This type of hair transplantation is rarely performed. The bald area is surgically removed and the hair-bearing scalp is stretched in order to replace what has been removed. This method is very costly. It could also increase the possibility of the tightening of the scalp, which would only lead to its thinning.

Hair transplant Vadodara – Postoperatory

During the process of recovery, your scalp will ache and throb where the surgery was done. You may need narcotic pain killers by prescription or only over-the-counter medication.Your scalp will be sore for at least a day. For some people, the discomfort lasts several days. You can carefully rinse but not vigorously wash your hair for the first ten days. During the first two weeks it’s not allowed to swim.

Transplanted hair starts to grow around the second month after the procedure at 1 centimeter per month for the rest of the patient’s life. Once the hair starts to grow it can be treated as your normal hair; cut, wash, and comb it. This is for life.

Hair transplant Vadodara – The plastic surgeons in Vadodara

There are only a few plastic cosmetic surgeons performing hair transplant in Vadodara, these are fully board certified plastic surgeons:

Dr. GunjanPatel



Hope, this is for some help.


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