The waist area, also commonly called the love handles is one of the most frustrating bulges on many people. This are seems to be resistant to going away despite patients dieting to the point of being skinny in many other areas of their body. From women, sometimes the cheeks, breasts, and buttocks start becoming gaunt and lose too much fat prior to the waist ever slimming down. Men can have a very slim physique, and yet still have a small bulge around their waist. This ruins the appearance of an otherwise very fit physique.

Doing good back liposuction can instantly and dramatically change a person’s figure. For women, the benefits can be an hour glass figure, as well as the appearance of having had a butt lift. For men, removing the love handles results in a tapered V shape of all the way down to their belt line, which makes them look much more fit and toned.

At Hair Transplant Clinic Vadodara, Dr. Gunjan takes special care to create the most satisfying contours. In addition to treating the waist, it is important to address the lower bra bulge (mid back bulge), and also the hips in many of our female clients. Without treating these contiguous areas, there would not be a smooth curve all the way up or down the side. Too many doctors who are novice or lack an artistic eye do not treat these continuous areas with liposuction on the back and the aesthetic difference is obvious.



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