Body Contouring Treatment in Gujarat, India

If you have managed to lose a significant amount of weight, you deserve to be thrilled with the end result. Whether you did it through diet and exercise or a surgical weight-loss procedure, you are to be congratulated on achieving your goal. If, however, you have made it to your target weight, but you are not happy due to excess skin, loose tissue, or issues with your physical proportions, then body contouring may be the answer.

After a large weight loss, areas such as the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs may be left with a saggy, deflated look.

Weight loss often leaves behind excess skin that cannot shrink down to your new body shape. Skin elasticity is a function of age and heredity and is unlikely to change for the better as time goes on. As well, after supporting a large amount of fat for a long time, the underlying tissues may have become stretched and now lack tone. Finally, there may be stubborn fat deposits that have not shrunk in proportion with the rest of your weight loss, leaving you with an uneven look.

Body contouring is designed to correct these issues so that you can fully enjoy the results of your weight-loss efforts.

What is Body Contouring after Weight Loss?

Body contouring is a combination of a number of procedures, all of which are designed to remove excess skin and fat and to tighten underlying tissue in order to give you a natural, toned look and a firm, well-proportioned body.

A body contouring plan will normally encompass some of the following procedures:

Arm lift:

Gives you toned arms by removing excess skin and tightening tissue.

Breast lift:

Makes sagging breasts more pert and youthful; sometimes breast implants are used to improve size and shape at the same time.

Tummy tuck:

Creates a nice, smooth, flat tummy by eliminating sagging skin and tightening slack abdominal muscles, as well as removing any stubborn fat deposits.

Buttock lift:

Lifts a sagging, shapeless rear end and improves firmness be removing loose skin and possibly remodeling the fatty tissue through injections harvested from other parts of your body.

Thigh lift:

Improves the shape of the upper legs by excising unwanted skin and tightening the underlying tissue.

If a significant amount of weight has been lost in the face and neck, a facelift may also be recommended.

Naturally, the types of procedure your surgeon recommends will depend on your unique desires and specific physique. Your surgeon will discuss what can or should be combined based on your goals, as well as a realistic assessment of your safety and recovery time. If necessary, your body contouring procedures may be staggered over separate operations.

Experience and Innovation to Improve Patient Outcomes

At Apex Clinic we perform many body contouring procedures each year. Because Dr. Gunjan closely associated with the Smartshape Weight Loss Centre, which shares facilities and staff with Apex Plastic Surgery Clinic, they are highly experienced with the results of surgical weight-loss procedures. As a result of this close working relationship, the surgeons at  Hair Transplant Clinic has some of the most experienced and innovative in Gujarat at performing body contouring after weight loss. They are frequently invited to lecture or write about the techniques they have pioneered.

Empower Yourself with Knowledge

If you are considering this important surgery please explore the links on the left to learn more. If you have more questions about whether Body Contouring after Weight Loss in Gujarat, India is for you, please contact us at to set up a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gunjan.

What is Body Contouring after Weight Loss?

The details of each body contouring operation depend entirely on the types of procedure that are being performed, although almost all of them combine the surgical removal of excess skin with strategic tightening of underlying tissue. In some cases, targeted liposuction may also be conducted.

Where Your Body Contouring after Weight Loss is performed

Your body contouring after weight loss can be performed right on site in the state-of-the-art facilities of The Apex Clinic. The Clinic meets or exceeds national, provincial, and municipal health care facility standards in such important areas as equipment quality and infection control.

The Best Candidates for Body Contouring After Weight Loss

The best candidates for body contouring are individuals who have attained or are close to their weight-loss targets and have maintained them for enough time that they are confident that their weight is stable. Weight stability is very important. If much additional weight is lost after body contouring is performed, excess skin may become an issue again; and if a significant amount of weight is regained, the resulting stretching of the skin may widen scars or create unsightly stretch marks. Issues with proportions may also arise.

Smokers should quit for at least two weeks before and after surgery, because smoking inhibits healing.

A realistic expectation of the results is also very important. To this end, Dr. Gunjan always careful to explain everything about your procedure as clearly as possible, including the risks and the most likely outcomes.

Body contouring after weight loss typically has an immediate, long-lasting effect, provided patients maintain a healthy weight.

Body contouring can have a positive effect on your self-esteem. Feeling better about your appearance can make you feel better about yourself. Studies show that this kind of surgery often improves quality of life. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with an experienced Gujarat,India body contouring surgeon such as Dr. Gunjan.

Preparing for Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Dr. Gunjan  feel proud to have helped so many patients in Gujarat, finalize their weight-loss goals. You’re proud of how much weight you have lost but may be unhappy with loose skin. Body contouring after weight loss can amplify your new physique by giving it a youthful tautness and attractively proportioned shape.

Because surgery of any sort can make patients feel nervous or apprehensive, Dr. Gunjan listen carefully to a patient’s desires and provide expert guidance on what each type of surgery can and cannot do. They will carefully explain the potential benefits, as well as the risks, in order to make you feel secure and comfortable with the procedure.

Your consultation will involve a physical examination, including a thorough medical history, and a discussion about your goals with surgery. You will be asked to describe your ideal look; if you can, you should bring in pictures that show body shapes that you admire.



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