Philosophy of cosmetic surgery

Why have cosmetic surgery?

The main reasons my patients seeks cosmetic surgery is they want to look better, either to solve a problem or just to look and feel better.

Why natural looking results.

Our cultural norms favour physically attractive men and women, research has shown that more attractive and youthful looking people have more successful careers, obtain higher levels of income for the same job and more likely to have an attractive partner. Why should this be the case? Beauty usually translates to a quality of attractiveness and desirability, which infers positive attributes and values such as integrity and intelligence. In addition physical attractiveness implies good health, fertility in women and power in men. Although there are aspects of physical beauty that are related to culture, there are also widespread norms such as facial symmetry, facial balance and youthful appearance. Dr. Gunjan is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results, sometimes this may not be what a patient is looking for, he will only perform surgery when he believes he can make his patient’s look and feel better about themselves.

Understanding your choices

At The Apex Clinic of Advanced Cosmetic Surgery, we will only advise cosmetic treatments based on your individual needs, many practices will offer options and surgeries based on the equipment and skills they have in house, Dr. Gunjan will only advise you on procedures that will give you the result that you are looking for while maintaining a natural looking appearance, and may recommend against surgery and seeing one of his super-specialist colleagues. At the Apex Clinic we will provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision. Increasingly there are more and more devices that are being marketed with quick fixes or non-surgical solutions; this is where our expertise and knowledge will help you get the treatment that will give a long-lasting result. Dr. Gunjan believes that just in the way every face is different in shape, proportion and attributes, for a cosmetic procedure to be both natural looking and long-term, the procedure must be tailored towards an individual patient, no two faces are identical. The average recovery time for a surgical procedure on the face is between 1-2 weeks and the final result maybe as much as 6-months, Dr. Gunjan has developed innovative techniques that both reduce potential down-time and support a rapid recovery. We work with our patients to provide an optimal environment and timing, and will operate and treat patients 24-7 if such circumstances are required by our patients.

Our philosophy is based on providing out patients with exceptional service and care. We are the only specialize entirely in the face, which enables us to give our patients greater expertise, innovation and care to achieve the changes they seek. There have been considerable innovations in cosmetic surgery over the past 5-years alone and we believe that better results come from dedication to a few cosmetic surgery procedures, leading to exceptional results than to do all types of plastic procedures all over the body. Our focus remains to give our patients the best possible natural looking results to improve their looks and make them feel better themselves.

We continue to work with clinicians and surgeons in Gujarat, India to deliver the latest innovations in cosmetic treatments that are used in internationally basis. All our clinicians and surgeons are members of the most prestigious medical Boards in India. We comply with highest level of regulation and safety in accordance with the Care Quality Commission and Independent Health Advisory Service register.


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