Advanced Hair Transplant Options All in One Practice FUE Hair Transplant in Vadodara

We feature an impressive array of hair transplant options to fit your needs. From expert surgical techniques that give you back lost hair to medical treatments that promote hair growth and slow down your hair loss, we offer the exact treatment that will give you the results you desire. This even includes special procedures for patients who have had cancer, scarring or head trauma.


No-Shave FUE procedure which eliminates the need to shave your donor hair in advance.

Vadodara’s Only No-Shave Hair Transplant

No-Shave FUE method of hair transplantation can restore thinning hair and fill in bald spots without as much downtime after the procedure. Normal FUE procedures require you to have your donor hair shaved for the procedure, so everyone knows you had treatment unless you take off an extended period of time to let the shaved patches regrow. Now, the innovative and groundbreaking No-Shave FUE procedure to eliminate this problem. It has become so popular that patients fly in from all over the world to take advantage of this innovative procedure.

Benefits of the No-Shave FUE Method:

  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Completely conceals harvested donor sites immediately
  • Allows women to have the FUE method
  • Ideal for patients with prior strip harvesting scars because linear scars from the previous method will not be visible

The No-Shave method also allows seeing, in real time, the effect of the harvesting being performed so he can avoid over harvesting in a particular area and creating an uneven, “thinned out” appearance. He can also select the strongest and best hairs to harvest.


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